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Greetings from

CHRIS Adoptions & Foster Care

We specialize in helping families who wish to adopt children and

sibling groups from the foster care system.

We partner with state agencies to develop improved kinship initiatives to

expand searches for family members once a child enters care.

No child is un-adoptable

The guiding principle at CHRIS 180 is that

every child is adoptable.


Many of the children we help are older or are siblings for whom adoption outcomes statistically pale in comparison to their counterparts in foster care who are younger and have fewer emotional, mental health, and developmental issues. A goal for every child served through CHRIS Adoptions & Foster Care is a Forever Family.

Our organization works to recruit and educate families on the emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs that children who are being adopted and fostered out of the foster care system may have experienced. 

CHRIS 180's goals include:

Increase the successful adoption rate for children in foster care

Increase kinship networks and resources for family members of children in care

Increase the number of adopted high needs foster care youth aged nine through seventeen

Giving each child and family member a voice in the adoption process

Educate families and community providers about the impact of trauma on child development and attachment

Prepare and support families, so that they are equipped with the tools they need create a strong forever family.

Create a sense of community and support for all of our families and children

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