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Are you looking to add a child or youth to your family?
We can help.  Get involved today.  A young person needs you!
Our mission is to find a forever family for every child. 

What is adoption?

Adoption is the process of welcoming a child(ren) into your family indefinitely. It is a lifelong legally recognized commitment to loving and caring for others. 


What are the requirements of becoming an adoptive parent?

  • Potential parent(s) must be at least 21 years old. 

    • Parents must be at least 10 years older than the children placed in their home. 

  • Can be single, married or cohabitating

  • Proof of current residence and financial stability

  • All household members 18 years and older must be able to pass the following screens:

    • Criminal history/background check

    • Child protective service/CPS check

    • Motor Vehicle Report

    • Drug screen

    • Medical clearance

Things to Consider

Adopting a Teenager

When people think about adoption what typically comes to mind are babies and small children. However, teens are still children in need of a loving and stable home. They also need a family to help them sort through life’s big decisions as they approach adulthood. While adopting a teenager may not be something you have ever thought about, it may be worth considering. 

Reasons to adopt a teenager: 

  1. Most teenagers have spent the majority of their lives in foster care which has caused them to lose hope of ever finding a forever family. You can make this dream a reality for them.

  2. Unlike any other age group, teens understand the adoption process and what it means to be adopted. They can and must consent to the process. They choose you as much as you choose them. 

  3. Teenagers, unlike younger children, have the ability to communicate their wants and needs to you. 

  4. There are challenges with adopting teens because, after all, they are teenagers, however the reward of seeing your child become a fully functioning, healthy adult is worth the effort.

  5. You get to skip the sleepless nights that come with infants and the toddlers’ terrible twos.

Adopting a Sibling Group

Siblings make up 2/3 of children in foster care. The goal is to keep them together in the same family and only separate them when completely necessary. Here are some reasons you may consider adopting a sibling group:

  1. Research suggests that siblings placed together have a lower chance of disrupting their placement.

  2. Not separating siblings prevents a lifetime of searching and longing for each other 

  3. Keeping a sibling group together offers them and you more stability.

  4. When children are adopted together within their entire sibling group, they report feeling safer in their new homes.


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