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Gateway Homes

Therapeutic "Gateway to Adoption" Homes bring sibling groups together who might otherwise not find a forever family together.


What are Gateway Homes?

Our therapeutic Gateway Homes serve dual capacities. One capacity serves to bring siblings together and stabilize their union in the community. The second capacity is to provide housing for “hard to place children.” Gateway house parents help children process their trauma and work through their behavioral challenges to prepare them for adoption or reunification.

What does this mean for you?

As Gateway children’s behaviors begin to stabilize through persistent and therapeutic care, they become ready for adoption. During this process we continue to look to match them with a family that can best support their needs. Could this be you?

Approval Process

We realize this is an important decision for you and your family. We are here to support you every step of the way. 

Process of Becoming an Approved Parent

1. Contact Us 

  • Complete Our Interest Form.

  • Send an email

  • Or call us at 404.615.5553 to schedule an orientation with an Adoption or Foster Care Specialist

2. Attend an orientation

Orientations are designed to inform and educate prospective parents about our organization and the complete foster and adoption processes. All adult caregivers living in the home are required to attend. If the dates provided do not work for your schedule contact us. 

3. Submit an application

An application will be provided upon completion of orientation 

4.  Attend IMPACT and Pre-service training

IMPACT Training is a mandatory course developed to educate prospective foster and adoptive families about the needs of children in the foster care system. This is an in-person training divided into four 8-hour sessions typically conducted on weekends. Please see calendar for upcoming trainings.

5. Home Study
Your Home Study helps tell your story to determine which child would be best to match with you and your family. The process of completing a home study generally takes three months but can be quicker depending on how fast you want to go. 
6. Matching, Selection and Placement 
You work closely with your specialist to identify children that are the best fit for your family. Once a child is identified we continue to work with you every step of the way. 


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