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Parents & Families

Meet the parents & families who are on their adoption journey.

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Hannah & Jennifer


Hannah and Jennifer have been married for almost three years and are in the beginning stages of starting a family that includes children. The couple has been thinking about fostering and/or adopting for two years. They both have experience being involved in the lives of children in their family and well as through their work as camp counselors and teachers.

“Since we decided to get married, we knew that one day, we would want to grow our family and have children. Because we are not able to have children of our own biologically, we knew that we would have to adopt. We decided to foster/adopt because we know that there are kids in the foster care system that need loving homes and that’s what we want to be for them.”



Hannah and Jennifer are approved for up to three children of any gender with a race of American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Black and White, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, White, Unable to determine race, with an  ethnicity of either Hispanic/Latino or Not Hispanic/Latino, between 0 and 12 years of age. The child(ren) may be diagnosed with mild, moderate, or severe mental health, developmental, or behavioral needs.

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