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In our mission to find a Forever Family for every child, we offer the following adoption services...

Adoption Process

CHRIS Adoptions & Foster Care provides complete adoption services in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment. We maintain a professional staff who have completed certification in Trauma-informed care focusing on attachment, emotion regulation, and competency. We attend continuing education seminars and classes, while following the latest research and development within the adoptions field. 

Family Fun Days

As we expand our network of families who have gone through the adoption process with our organization we host ‘Family Fun Days’ to allow for our families to meet each other. Through this process we create a sense of community for families. When our children meet each other, they learn that they are not alone and it is not so different to come from the foster care system to find a Forever Family. Our parents are also able to share resources and help each other through varying parts of the adoption process.


Family Fun Days are held at varying locations around Atlanta for ease of access for our families. We invite families who adopted several years ago, families who are undergoing the adoption process right now, and families who are just beginning the process of adoption. Throughout the afternoon parents and children are able to interact, exchange information, and make new friends. We are building a community of families to empower them in finding connections. 

Online Resources

In a digital world, with an overwhelming amount of information, we seek to connect our families to useful resources, in one easy to find location.

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